How to Choose a Multi-Axis Machining Supplier Who Puts Quality First

Multi-axis machining is used to create complex parts that require carefully controlled processes. Therefore, if you’re looking for a multi-axis machining supplier, it’s critical to choose a partner who not only understands this requirement, but has the skills necessary to engineer, control and improve complex manufacturing processes.

Read on to learn three considerations that will help you choose a multi-axis machining supplier that can consistently deliver high quality, consistent, complex parts.

Quality Starts with Process Engineering
Top tier multi-axis machining suppliers take the time to develop a thoughtful, detailed process for manufacturing complex parts. These plans are specific, measurable, and contain key process characteristics that must be controlled and monitored to ensure success.

Once a process is defined, the next layer in the manufacturing process plan is the design of a quality control plan. This plan defines how key process characteristics are controlled to achieve maximum consistency. 

More importantly, this plan must go beyond measurement to include a Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, or PFEMA. The PFEMA highlights possible process failures, the likelihood of these failures, and their causes and effects. This is a key way to ensure the robustness of the manufacturing plan, and helps to guarantee successful outcomes.

Quality Improves with Analysis and LEAN Thinking
As important as it is, developing a detailed process and QC plan is only the first step. Top tier suppliers then strive to improve these manufacturing processes by assessing results on a continuous basis and adjusting as necessary. Factors such as process variance, scrap analysis and process yield can be measured and plans can be developed to optimize outcomes. 

Action plans to minimize waste and variability while improving yield always lead to improved consistency, higher quality, and more cost effective processes. That means better, higher-quality parts for your mission-critical products.

At Frank Roth, this approach is our culture. We routinely analyze and drive continuous improvement of key manufacturing processes on a project-by-project basis. Action plans are constantly being optimized to minimize variance and scrap and to improve consistency. Our commitment to quality outcomes is unique, and allows us to handle complex projects where close tolerances and the utmost consistency are non-negotiable. 

Quality is Maintained Through Investment in Training & Technology
Superior quality is only achieved through a continuous investment in training and technology. Delivering quality parts requires process measurement capabilities to an order of magnitude greater than the allowed variability in the process. Top tier suppliers must invest in technology to achieve a level of precision that is repeatable and eliminates measurement variability. 

Even more important than technology is an investment in training and LEAN thinking. Top tier suppliers drive a culture that demands continuous improvement of skills, a culture of analysis, and the elimination of waste and variability. 

We are proud to make these investments at Frank Roth. Whether it’s the latest CMM measuring systems, staff training, or simply celebrating when we achieve an exemplary result on a complex project, we prioritize training and technology so that we can best serve our clients on even the most complex machining projects. 

A Multi-Axis Machining Supplier with a Commitment to Quality
For over 70 years, Frank Roth has helped demanding industries solve complex manufacturing challenges while delivering sophisticated machined parts of the highest quality. We are dedicated to a process approach with a commitment to control, analysis, and LEAN thinking. We continuously invest in our culture and technology to ensure the highest quality outcomes and most consistent manufactured parts.

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