When Should I Use a Multi-Axis Machining Service That Specializes in Complex Parts?

Multi-axis machining services utilize advanced tools and equipment that can move in four or more directions in order to create highly complex, precise parts. But even beyond having the right machinery, the right multi-axis machining supplier can add value that will lead to the most successful outcomes. 

From gaining engineering expertise to achieving next-level quality control to adding precision manufacturing capacity to your shop, there are many reasons to work with a multi-axis machining service that specializes in complex parts.

At Frank Roth, we offer a number of multi-axis machining services that allow us to process hard-to-manufacture, intricate parts for demanding industries such as industrial, automotive and aerospace applications. Read on to learn more about when to use a multi-axis machining service and see how Frank Roth can meet all of your machining needs. 

Gain Engineering Expertise

One of the best reasons to work with a multi-axis machining supplier is when you need specific help creating complex parts. The right supplier can put their engineering experience to work for you, so that you’ll benefit from their knowledge gained from all of the past projects they have under their belt. What’s more, many multi-axis machining services know all sorts of different ways to design a part so that it can be successfully and cost-effectively manufactured even within a variety of constraints.

At Frank Roth, we have parts engineers who are experienced in creating complex parts for a wide array of industries. Our team is committed to helping you make your parts stronger, better and less prone to failure while helping you and your team solve complex design challenges. If you have a part that you’re struggling to redesign or optimize, turn to a multi-axis machining service that specializes in complex parts to work with a team that has experience solving complicated manufacturing challenges.

Achieve Next-Level Quality Control

If you’re struggling to manufacture parts within the necessary tolerances, it pays to choose a supplier that can meet those critical tolerances. Since each process is only as good as the consistency and quality of the parts it produces, it’s important to work with a supplier who can achieve your desired results by continuously measuring, monitoring and improving.

At Frank Roth, we take quality control seriously, and that’s why we have a dedicated quality control team who is responsible for ensuring that each and every part meets your standards and expectations. In fact, we develop a quality control process even before we begin manufacturing and make the necessary adjustments to build-in precision and consistency on each and every project that we take on.

Add Precision Manufacturing Capacity

When you work with a multi-axis machining service that specializes in complex parts, your supplier can augment your capacity to produce the parts you need. In other words, you can produce more parts, faster by relying on a partner who has the machining centers, quality control and expertise to deliver potentially thousands of parts in addition to the parts you produce internally.

At Frank Roth, we’re committed to adding precision manufacturing capacity that can help relieve the strain on your internal team and equipment. Thanks to our quality control plan, we can make sure your parts are precise and meet your specifications every step of the way. Should you have a component that does not need to be precise, let your team focus on your less-critical parts while we focus on meeting your most stringent tolerances.

Ready to Learn More?

At Frank Roth, we help demanding industries solve complex manufacturing challenges while delivering high-quality, sophisticated machined parts. If you have questions about our multi-axis machining services or you’d like to discuss your upcoming project with a member of our team, contact us today! Our experts are standing by to help in any way we can. We look forward to serving you!