Industries We Support

Aerospace, Military and Government, Sporting, Hunting and Law Enforcement, Automotive and More

At Frank Roth, we partner with manufacturers belonging to industries that need their most complex engineering challenges solved. And, that requires the highest quality manufacturing reaching the tightest tolerances possible with today’s technology. 

Our team thrives on problem-solving and tackling the engineering and manufacturing challenges that no one else has successfully solved. While we serve many different industries, we’re best positioned to help those with complex engineering challenges including those listed below.

Regardless of the customer’s industry or the part they need, our approach is the same; a finely-tuned process that ensures we produce highly-sophisticated parts on-time and on-budget. At Frank Roth, our expertise is woven throughout each of our seven core business areas.

For more information about the industries we serve and how we can create sophisticated parts for your organization, contact us today.