What to Look for in a Multi-Axis Machining Company

When looking for a multi-axis machining company to bring your metal parts to life, it is important to understand how the right partner can impact your business. If your parts require complex processing or precise tolerances, it’s especially important to look beyond the basics of cost and delivery. Complex parts are complex for a reason.  When the parts fail to meet expectations, serious consequences can result. A good multi-axis machining supplier will not only embrace the challenge of complexity, but go well beyond in terms of quality and engineering support to help with your success. 

What are a few of the factors to consider when looking for a multi-axis machining company that can handle complexity with ease? Read on to find out!

Technical Competency
To handle the level of technical expertise necessary to produce components to the tolerance level required of aerospace machining and complex commercial machining applications, you need an experienced engineering team. The more complex your needs, the more important it is to have suppliers with an in-house engineering staff who can help ensure a flawless outcome. 

A Process Driven Approach
At Frank Roth, our engineering team often starts by defining the best process flow for each component we manufacture. Our manufacturing engineers look not only at the processes; we currently run internally, but also those that may be external. We always look at the best solution, not the most convenient solution. Process control plans should be integral to the manufacturing process to remove variability; essential to achieving quality, consistent parts.  Suppliers should be able to share process capability, highlight process variability and improvement plans and most importantly, should be able to detail their part process FMEA’s to show they have thought through the potential failure modes of the process and how they plan to handle them.

Professional Staff
When it comes to solving manufacturing challenges, effective project management makes all the difference. While most machine shops are run by machinists, Frank Roth is run by professional engineers, experienced business people and a highly trained team of technicians. We collaborate, problem solve and make sure no detail goes overlooked. Inherent to our culture is not only a willingness to understand processes and part quality, but also a willingness to continuously strive for product perfection.  

Inventory Management Capabilities
Some manufacturers find that the ebb and flow of demand for their products presents unique logistical challenges. In these situations, it’s important to have a manufacturing partner who can help you manage your inventory, ramp up production and ship parts as you need them. At Frank Roth, we routinely manage  raw material inventory, and are accustomed to working with customers through the cyclical demands of their business. With a partner on board who can manage this smoothly, you’ll experience less frustration and have more assurance that your business will run smoothly.

Advanced Quality Control In-House
Producing complex machined parts requires an investment in quality control technology that not all machine shops are willing to make. When your parts require precise tolerances, be sure to choose a supplier who can meet your expectations. At Frank Roth, we’re known for our ability to successfully manufacture complex parts. We’ve put the tools in place to maintain the highest quality standards. From quality control plans, to precision measuring technology, to our commitment to continuous improvement, we achieve superior quality results.

Ready To Work With A Partner Who Will Make Your Job Easier?
If you’re looking for a multi-axis machining company who can make your job easier and your business more successful, contact us today. Our team is standing by to discuss your needs, learn about your challenges and recommend the best solution. We look forward to hearing from you!